Colson played with remote controlled airplanes growing up and started mounting cameras to the planes to get unique pictures and video. He started using a GoPro and took photos blindly every second of the flight and would then bring it down and search through an average of 400 photos to find the right shots. He found an immediate interest in drones when they first came out. Since then, drones have come a long way. He is constantly keeping up with the best equipment on the market and utilizing its capabilities to serve his clients in the best way possible. CLZ Media pilots are all Part 107 certified, insured, and have many hours of flying in a professional and safe manner. 




Commercial Drone Photography

Shooting Commercial Drone Photography is a particular specialty of CLZ Media and a must-have if you're looking to take advantage of our photography experience and professionalism. We aim to capture the atmosphere of each location. If you're interested in hiring us, please get in touch today. 

3D Drone Mapping

With Advanced technology, we are able to provide the most detailed 3D models of any project including construction or inspection. 

DJI_0015 2.jpeg

Real Estate Drone  Photography 

With Experienced Drone Photographers, We provide the clearest images and video of your new house, listing, land or project. We can also set up weekly or monthly monitoring. 


We also offer photography options from car club meeting to weddings. 


CLZ MEDIA delivers quality content to meet the needs of our clients. Reach out to us with your project or ideas anytime.